The   Diary        


Note - Messo is the name of the woven bag that has attached itself my body, Direct contact with the mind of the planet.


On the return journey, Messo the woven satchel that was now a permanent fixture hanging from a shoulder strap around my neck and Boing the small bouncing animal. Between them placing thoughts directly into my head. They were explaining to me the truth, or at least what my reality really was. They placed words and images directly into my mind.
My truth or my reality they explained could be understood or recognised as a large field where everything I knew and understood lay quietly and un-contradicting

That Everything that surrounded me was real and truthful.  That some truths, or fields,  are  small, other truths were huge. But no matter how large or small, every field is surrounded by a fierce and fast flowing river. The river goes nowhere. It merely runs fast and furious around and around the field of truth.  Dangerously, wide and treacherous waters. But these treacherous waters were scattered with rocks that were offered up as stepping stones. Some were shown to be slightly above the water, wet and slippery, hazardous. Some were a little below the surface, some were solid and stable.  All the rocks created a treacherous  stepping stone path of multiple options,  a person could  travel up river, down river. each and every step was treacherous. Jumping from a smaller unsteady rock to a large dry solid rock had  many safe features.  but This would make a return journey using the same rocks impossibly hazardous. 

To cross to the far side a person could start at any location alongside this raging torrent. starting at any point, simply stepping  on a rock or a small boulder of your choosing. If it felt safe and secure, if it was within reach of the next stepping stone, or even several stepping stones then the path was truthful.

The next stepping stone could be upstream, downstream. Naturally it needed  to be firm, not loosely imbedded, wobbly or unsecure.  It should also not be isolated, clearly no further than a step away from  another secure rock heading in the direction intended. For this would mean that the only direction you might travel would be to return from where you  came. If the traveler could continually  repeat stepping on secure stones they would  eventually arrive at the far side of the river.  This was the difficult part  for none of  rocks on the far side of the river  were close to the bank,  they would demand a massive leap, but the ground at the far side was firm and solid. The most important formula for success was to find a rock that was secure enough to enable a great leap. The chosen  spot on the far side of the river. The place you place your feet on the far bank, becomes your truth. It belongs to you nobody else. only you and you alone have taken the stepping stones to arrive at this point. 

This seemed to make a vague sense to my understanding.  These thoughts made  sense to me. every step lead to another until a final arrival on solid ground.  Boing and Messo had outlined a possible  pathway, a theoretical escape from Fer2, They had given me a message of hope.


Boing and Messo, Gave me one final Message. I was not in the field, I was not on Fer2.  In this reality I was not on Fer2 . I was on the far bank of the raging river. I was nowhere. The far bank represented the universe, the outside border. The river surrounded  the large field represent the pathway to the rest of the universe. I had left the universe,  From Earth.  If and When I stepped onto Fer2,  I would  have create a physical pathway from Earth. If I returned Fer2 could absorb me totally. 

I had taken A leap, the first step towards becoming a part of Fer2. The River was inside the Fer2 boundary.

    I was not the first to step onto the first stepping stone. I was immediately aware of the first man to step onto this raging river. A man that had destroyed himself and the original pathway from Fer2 to my home planet. A man known as  Charlie Hudson. A man that had triggered the destruction of the outgoing  Worm-hole between earth and Fer2.   Boing and Messenger were explaining to me that I potentially had the power to re-create it.

The Earth would become the first born Child of Fer2.

I recalled a thought from my childhood, when I saw rockets being launched into space, I recall telling my childhood friend Tommy after watching the event on TV. 

 "It looks like Earth has Ejaculated into space".  We both laughed.

I slowly, gradually began to understand  after this silent conversation, that I had been ejaculated into Fer2, That  I would in due course return to Impregnated Earth. 

Earth was a life form of its own kind. What would earth become if it contained the intelligence, the learning of the combined intelligence of Fer2 and all of it population. I was the seed of a Virus, A man, with my own free will. I was potentially A God, with the power to step on Earth.