The   Diary        


Escape from Fer2  

 Markus and I settled down for a quiet evening. Markus had a small supply of a home-brew. "Had a Kick like a Mule."  Markus always displayed concern regarding all the things he never knew. He told me that he did not understand most of the things associated with Fer2.
"Is it more important?"  he asked
"Is what more important?"  I questioned
 Markus took a sip of his home brew, Shuddered, The Brew certainly did have a Kick.
"Whether, what you do not know.  It it more important than what you do know?
"Probably. what you know is more important" I answered without much thought

"My Father told me a story once" said Markus.  About what it might cost, not knowing" 
 Markus carried on talking, I let him continue.  
"This car drove up to an old bush pub"  Said Markus,  "and a well dressed city fellow stepped out  and headed towards the bar.
 “How ya going?” asked the old bearded Bushman perched on a bench on the Pub veranda.  “What’s a city fella doing out this way?”.

“I’m looking for some mates that have gone fishing somewhere around here”.

The old bushman wrinkled his face and said “This is not good country to be wandering around looking for someone if you don’t know where he’s at . . Lucky for you I am a bush tracker and I know this area like the back of my hand. Pretty sure I can point you in the right direction”. 

The old Bushman smacked his lips, gave a slight nodding of his head toward the bar, and went silent. .

“Can I buy you a beer “ offered the City Guy.

“Sounds like a good Idea” said the bushman, and turned to the only other person on the veranda saying “This gentleman has offered to by us a beer George”

The three men entered the bar.

 “I did see some tire tracks earlier this morning” said the Bushtracker “Two cars, the first one a four wheel drive, heavy, probably a Land-cruiser, maybe a Patrol. . Followed by a smaller tread, four wheel drive, much lighter, it might have been one of them little Isuzu buggies. 

I also saw some footprints at the Junction. Looks like one tall fellow, log legged fellow, town shoes. . Also a weighty bloke with a short stride, thongs,  short stumpy guy?

“YES” said the City fellow, that is them.  

 George and the Bushman sculled their beers and again sat silently  but with a knowing look . . .

When the second beer arrived, The bushtracker said “If you head back to where you turned off  highway to get to this pub, turn left, about two mile along you will see an old truck tire that is a  marker for a dirt track that leads to the river. Your pals will be camped a few hundred yards down that track. 

The grateful City fellow thanked them and returned to his car and drove off in the indicated direction.

George turned to his  Bush tracking mate and asked, “Was he looking for them two fellows that were here earlier looking for a fishing spot.  I still have the map they gave me to give to that town fellow.” 

Then George asked the old bushman “Since when were you ever a Bush tracker ? ” there was a few second silence

“  I tracked us six beers this morning George.”

Markus went silent for a few seconds, He looked at me as if I had  just slapped his face.

"That is what happens when what you don't know -  bumps into what you do know, It costs you six beers."

Markus contemplated this thought for at least 5 seconds

 "And you, you Bastard" Drunkenly pointing a finger at me "are drinking my hard earned home brew."

Markus looked directly at me. "You know stuff that I don't"  "YOU BASTARD!"

Markus was getting a little tipsy. I guess I was also.  Although I was not fully aware of it. I vaguely recall  listening to myself reply.  I heard myself say  "Well Marky Mate - If I ever want to NOT  know about something I will ask you".

We sat silently. We fell asleep.



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