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photos supplied by Max Parnell

   9                     1982 Jaguar Series 3v XJ6 Saloon
                     Owned by Franklin and Marie Smallcombe. Gladstone.

In 1979, the XJ had a new face that was known as the Series 3. "Pininfarina" redesigned its version of a long-wheelbase car in to a subtle face. Three engine variants include 4.2L Straight 6, 5.3L V12, and 3.4L straight 6. The larger "6-cylinder", and "V12" models incorporated a "Bosch" fuel injection, which was under license by Lucas, while the smaller version of 6-cylinder made by carburetor.

Smaller "3.4L - 6 cylinder engine was not offered here in the US. However, the short wheelbase saloon and coupe had been dropped during the final years of the II XJ series.

Series III model provided an option to have a sunroof that is made for the first time on an "XJ model" jaguar. In 1882, the interior of the Jaguar model XJ had a minor upgrade. On the same year, the "Vanden Plas" model became available in the market. This is the type of top-level XJ saloon that is still available in the US until now.




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