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Vintage Vintage Vehicle Club.

an all makes vintage and classic car club based in Bundaberg Queensland Australia

                         1950 Riley 2.5 Litre
                            owned by    St John  and  Pauline Herbert

This car was recently voted "Most Popular Entry" at the GVCCC 30th Anniversary rally from a field of over fifty cars.

The Riley was originally restored by Allen Pickup from Canberra who St John says was an excellent engineer and traveled to England to work with the legendary Sir Frank Whittle of Jet engine fame.

One of the improvements made during the restoration was to replace the half shafts with an upgrade to hardened steel. (half shaft problems were one of the Rileys weaknesses)

Also an upgraded vented fan and heater system was installed into the dash top, with parts from a Rover. The heater box for this upgrade was mounted  where the battery used to be  (photo left)  and the battery 

was  relocated under the passenger seat.  This eliminated

One of the few discomforts that the  Riley driver had to contend with.  All engineered in an extremely neat and tidy manner.

The Riley is fitted with twin SU carburetors and was the first production car to be rated 100 BHP.

St John first saw the car when it was being restored by Allen Pickup and was so impressed he  offered to 'buy it' if ever it Allen decided to part with it.   A few years later the opportunity came along and in 1988 the Herbert's became proud owners


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