The   Diary        


Escape from Fer2  

.    The painting included Grass like banks with children playing. Wispy clouds and flowers. It occured to me although I had no map of this land I had developed an awareness of the distance I would need to travel to the lakes location. I also perceived a reasonable inclination of the travel distance. Or at least a basic time table. It seemed to me that I could travel there in less than several weeks. Not that I was  entirely sure how long a week was, or even a day.  Nust seemed to be quite predictable as one would expect a sun to be, but on several occasions I did get the impression that it had stopped moving, Or possibly Fer2 was having some sort of restricted spin day.
I had sparse knowledge of physics or mathematics, My education at this time did little more than give me the ability to check my pay packet. My basic thinking was that things like time aught to be consistent.  I decided I required a watch or whatever Fer2 used as a time-piece. I concluded that I should travel a bit closer to Helen Mary before I could obtain any sort of watch.  I fancied an old fashion fob watch, or whatever they were called, the biggish round silver ones hanging from a chain from my lapel to my breast pocket.

There were several locations on Fer2 that I had the urge or intent to travel to. The pathway outside my home led to a selection of narrow pathways that lead to slightly less narrow  roads.  One peculiar that puzzled me.  All the roads were no more than packed dirt, freshly graded, Or at least well maintained. It seemed nobody had bothered greatly about cement or bitumen. I concluded roads also had their own minds and travelled where they wished and looked after themselves. I did at one time dig with a stick a small hole. I did intend to go back later to see if it repaired itself.  But I guess I never really wanted to find out.
It was on one of these narrow roads that I located a selection of small vehicles. Simple things that could be folded back to expose canvas  type  seating. A small control column, forward, reverse, left-right. steering arm. Quite simple.  These little people movers seemed quite restricted as far as speed was concerned. But they would certainly have no trouble shortening my travel time. Like most things I encountered the little car required no identification from me. It never as much as gave any indication of what powered it. I simply concluded that if I wanted to go somewhere the little mobile has already decided that it wanted to go there also. 
One thing did seem fairly evident and this was that to locate another place required some sort of informal information. A painting, a story, arequest, even merely the simple knowledge that the place existed. As I had not yet made any decision of where I ought to go I merely drove the little vehicle in a few circles and then up and down the road several times. I found faster movement a little uncomfortable. I left it where I found it and walked home.
I had spent a fair amount of time in my allotted home. Basically I was living in a world that was totally confusing, I needed time to simply sit and absorb everything.  This was certainly not one of my natural tendencies. Although it possibly was quite  foreign for me to simply solve one problem before jumping headlong into the next one.

The guitar maker called me on one evening. he presented me with a new set of Guitar strings. He seemed quite secretive about where they had come from, and had partly memorised a short explanation or what might be considered a cover note. I had no problem guessing  who it was that requested the delivery.
It would seem that when a guitar string was made it was possible with the aid of a newly discovered technique  to tempt the Filigror in the string into evacuating. Filigror would quite naturally replace itself. (everything must contain Filigror) However if the replaced Filigror came from a naturally soft and fluffy object, the string could be coaxed into absorbing these different characteristics.  I was clearly important enough to learn new tricks for.  And as an aside, make his guitars more valuable.

   I played several tunes with accompaniment from the guitar maker. And we sang several songs where neither of us used the same words. We danced a rather crazy stomping dance until we were both tired. The guitar maker provided food and drinks that were extremely pleasants and he stayed the night. The following morning the guitar maker returned home home and I was left with the new knowledge of party foods, as well as a new set of guitar strings.  I was also left with the knowledge that Filigror could be tempted to abandon an object or a substance that it had permeated.  I was also sure that this knowledge was of absolutely no use to me.  But I did spend a lot of time contemplating this discovery.  I did not require any degree in physics to appreciate this knowledge. In much the way that understanding that would rise in the morning.   Having contemplated this I concluded that the knowledge that the sun would rise tomorrow seemed far more useful information.
 I never required any sort of map to know where these experiments into the character of Filigror were taking place . I would not have gone as far as to say the place was calling me, but whenever I left my small home the option of where I wished to travel always seemed to be clearly laid out before me. My knowledge of the local study centre and even its occupants seemed to grow without any feeding of curiosity on my part. I spent an increasing amount of time deliberately not going to places, or not accepting opportunities or even invitations that presented themselves. Even to the point of deliberately avoiding people.  I did this with an awareness that quite possibly I was doing this in an attempt to prove to myself that I did indeed still have free will. The message bag slung around my shoulder regularly reminded me of my old school football coach, I could hear it in my mind shouting, "NO NO NO"  or   "DO THIS".  sometime I could hear it in my mind. Other times it could almost physically disable me. Other times it could cleary issue me with a silent understanding.  lack of my own Free will became a mild obsession that would take me many months to shake. Many times I found myself taking the path less inviting,  Or using some concocted justification that involved a deliberate decision to not follow a prefered pathway. I even acknowledge to myself that my actions were probably quite neurotic. I consoled myself with the simple thought that my simple existence on Fer2
was ample reason to develop a neurotic personality.

   It was during one of these treks to no place in particular that I encountered a small living creature. At the time of this discovery it did occur to me that this small animal was in fact being deliberately presented to me.  That it was not in any way a senden dipidus discovery . Although Messenger Informed my that like myself this creature was away from its own kind on Fer2, and  like myself,  simply exploring the land.
 I observed the creature for an extraordinarily long time. I studied its reaction to me. even to the point of  finding myself running toward it, with my arms flaying wildly. It showed no fear. Its reaction was more in line with a faithfull old dog. Almost to the extent of rolling over on its back as if inviting me to scratch its belly.  A silly comparison as the creature had no back, if it had a shape it was more like a long balloon shape, A small hairy sponge ball that was perched on top of a narrowing spring, with a single pod like foot.  Although the creature had not made a single sound I decided it was named 'Boing' This was a simple descriptive name because "Boing" would have been the sound I thought the animal would have made, every time it moved, It did look like a furry spring mounted toy.
Boing had no trouble bouncing to at least my waist height, or even less agility in making the tiniest bounces that gave the impression or gliding across smoother ground .        
It was only seconds after I finally picked the creature up that I did become aware that this was a Chance encounter. This chance had been deliberately presented to me.  Boing seemed quite content to sit on my shoulder, or even my head, or if placed back on the ground immediately adopted the 'Old Dog' attitude and acted like I was merely taking it for a walk. 
I decided that I should seek out the only person on Fer2 to get an opinion or advise. I wanted to take advantage of the guitar makers many years of experience in this strange world.                .       I actually found myself speaking to this strange new creature "Come along Boing" I said Lets go and find Markus. I instantly felt a little silly, realising that up to this point I had never known or even enquired   about the name of the only person I had befriended  on Fer2. At the same time I was instantly aware of absorbing and appreciating the obvious connections between the Message hanging on my shoulder strap.and Boing. I had received assistance from the message and Boing. Clearly they required me to more specific regarding my intended actions. I would discover later that Boing had the capability of summoning information into my awareness that I ought to know, or even what Boing required to know or understand.  It did not seem unduly odd  and not at all scary, at the same time understanding that Boing was capable of reassuring that all was perfectly normal. My initial thinking was that life on this planet was like playing chess with a comparable opponent. But with a Grandmaster whispering quietly in my ear. Perfectly Normal.





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