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             Pat  Davis      

  A collection of photos taken By Pat Davis during  AUS 2000 International Rally 4th -5th March 2000


              1950 HUMBER SNIPE MKIII 

Entrant number 48 Driver Bill Fenney Navigator Leslie Fenney

HUMBER  SNIPE Mark III   1945 - 1952

In 1932 Humber became a fully-owned subsidiary of The Rootes Group, and  had been   producing  cars powered  by six-cylinder 4.2 liter engines for over ten years,  The Humber was the most expensive car in the Rootes group range, and had a good public image and acceptance.

A Humber was Shipped to Australia for use by  Queen Mother

visit to Western Australia in the 1950's. The Super Snipe gained acceptance in Australia as it became widely seen as a high class Auto,. This  High Class Image coupled with an

acceptable  price base and long legs that suited  longer

distances was well suited to a section of the market 

and the   Mark IV Super Snipe was assembled  In Australia, beginning with the Mark IV version in 1952.


There were 240 New Humber registrations in Australia for January 1951

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