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photos supplied by Max Parnell

   3                                   1955 Mark 7 Jaguar
                       Mathew and Julie Bennets 1955 Mark 7 Jaguar.

In 1951, a new breakthrough from Jaguar Car happened when they launched the XK120 sports car with the new XK twin overhead cam, 3.5L and a 6-cylinder designed engine where Mr. William Heynes and Claude Bailey contributes. It is originally intended as a short production of two hundred vehicles as a bed test for he new engine until it produced the new Mark 7 Jaguar saloon.

In 1951, the first Mark 7 Jaguar saloon model was launched and was introduced in the market. A Jaguar car was intended for the American market. It is at this time, Jaguar Company was overwhelmed with orders. Mark 7 Jaguar saloon gathered excellent reviews from Road & Track magazine as well as Motor magazine. It was in 1956 where Mark 7 Jaguar model won the prestigious "Monte Carlo Rally" award.

Rockhampton Queensland, The engine for this car (the original) was found in a shed in Mt Morgan and is safely tucked away in Matthew's shed. The Mark 7 is presently running around with a Holden 202 motor installed, The original motor will return to it's rightful place one day.

The colour is Old English White.

Mark and Julie purchased this beauty in Dec 1996. And this vehicle is another one that is gradually being restored, although the major work the Bennets have done, (prior to Feb 97).




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