The   Diary        


Escape from Fer2  

As a result of this Sudden prestige, Public opinion informed me I would receive a visitor within a week.  This visitor lived in an outer location, and it would involve several days travelling before she arrived. My prestige was quite evident. In many ways. It was a sensory boost. Similar in some ways to receiving a new pair of glasses or even a hearing aid. People smiled at me. Prestige was something I liked greatly. In reality, I had no idea what to do with it. 

I discovered from communicating with my 'Message' that blue socks probably indicated a 'messenger status'. I Also discovered from fellow Fer2ers that  colourings on the sleeves were less powerful than on the shirt body - Red was the most powerful colour. 
 I noticed that there were two types of people on fer2. Those that were fearful of power and those that wanted to get close, just in case the power rubbed off. Myself?  I have no clue why I have a Red collar,  my best guess is simply that I could be tracked easily.  It was clearly obvious I could go nowhere without getting attention. Possibly my clear intention to escape made me a threat?  
It was also clear that the cloth bag that was my 'Message' was woven out of a living vine. I could only describe it as either a rootless living plant, or animal, legless eyeless. but  having a complete awareness, and a memory with the ability to produce written words,  thoughts. And most of all the ability to be attached to me.  It seems I can stray no further than a single pace from it. 

My guitar was excellent, and I had plenty of time to become used to it. Some fundamental problems were tuning the instrument to create the sounds or similar reproduction of the notes that I remember from my home planet. difficulty tuning was mainly due to a variation in the Fer2 atmosphere. Sound waves could be a little unpredictable. Gravity itself could even change noticeably from place to place 0r even day today. I sometimes sat outside my allotted home that could be heard by those passing by. I often wondered if my music was good or if my newly found prestige influenced the listener. I concluded that Fer2 was a strange place. My gut told me that Fer2 was not, nor ever could be home. I thought that the theme of my music should reflect this, and I tried to create music that was reminiscent of Earth. Wistful with a longing for the world of my youth. My singing ability was nothing worth any promotion.

I discovered that I had the ability with the guitar to reasonably imitate in musical form the sounds of my native land.  local birds regularly attempted to imitate the  sounds and melodies that I recalled, Some sounds  never to be otherwise heard in this prison.
   I was on several occasions offered a home the outer locations of the colony, It was quite evident that this was a vast  Planet and that occupants from faraway locations, many months away were actively seeking new arrivals. On several occasions I was visited by by artists that had painted the places they lived as some sort of enticement.
   There was no doubt that this was indeed a beautiful planet.

      There was no doubt that this was a beautiful planet. But never for the merest  millisecond could I ever consider it to be home. I did write a song and tune with the title 'I wish I were home' and in some ways I did wish that Fer2 was my home but this planet never contained. But Fer2 never contained the bones of my ancestors nor the rivers that I swam in as a small boy. or even the trees that I had fallen from while pretending I was a Monkey in my early childhood memories. Fer2 could never be home.
  The Grapevine had informed me.

The Grapevine informed me that my visitor would be a woman, she would be the most brightly coloured person that any person could recall seeing. and that she was extremely beautiful. She walked with the aid of a walking stick. Some of the older people remembered her arrival some 60 years ago as a schoolteacher. It was quite possible that she was over sixty years old.  I was told "you will probably fall in love with her the moment you meet here"
It was rumoured that she administered many of the Fer2 Universities, but as no local had seen a university on Fer2 this was possibly no more than an assumption.
I had never been given a reason for the upcoming meeting, and nobody had pondered a reason. all that was known was she was going to visit. 
. This knowledge itself generated quite an obvious contagious excitement, that the majority pf people deliberately attempted to avoid expressing to me. It seemed the whole local population was 'Playing it cool'.
 I was told by the man with the blue socks (the Messenger) who I has since befriended me That there would most likely be minimal conversation and meeting her would most likely minimal conversation, meeting her might well be no more than exchanging a smile face to face.  There was general acknowledgment that it would certainly be an important event, but in all likelihood we would never know the reason it took place.
I had already decided that the upcoming meeting was directly connected to my avowed intent to escape. or even my reference to my 'Message' clothing. The colour on my collar seemed an obvious connection.

It was some days later that I found myself walking to the front door of my home and opening it. As the door opened an elderly woman hobbled in. She was extremely attractive although clearly ravaged by years, she had a quality that I had never encountered before. a similarity to having a covering layer. It was not difficult to make out the underlying layer of her skin, this seemed to be quite obviously a youthful representation of an earlier age.
  She most certainly had a God like aura. I almost almost instantly found myself with an erection. She held out her hand, I reached out to it and immediately found myself in a huge convulsive ejaculation, I had no option other than to grasp her hand with both of mine. I almost fell to the floor.
"I am very Sexy" she stated "That is my party trick"
"Yes" I answered. I made my way to the table and pulled up a chair. I spent a few seconds thinking of something to say. But the best I could manage was to repeat the word "yes"
As the convulsion subsided I noticed that she was wearing a highly complex pattern that consisted of triangular blocks of bright colours that covered fully both arms from the shoulders to the cuffs. and a large central covering her body, Her collar was similar to mine but yellow.
 She sat in the nearby chair and for several minutes, nothing was said. I merely spent the time Just looking at her. She was totally overwhelming.
She spoke "Filigror can recognise loneliness ' She said "Filigror is lonely for its own kind,  but Filigror has no kind. Filigror has evolved the urge to reproduce itself. It wants a child, a seed that can be planted in some fertile place, You can understand this?"
  "I do not think so" I said "
"I think you can" she whispered, she placed her hand on top of mine, and got up from the chair to leave. "Do you have a name?" I blurted.
She looked at me for several seconds, finally she said "Helen Mary "
"Where are you from?"   I blurted out. There was no way this woman was serving a life sentence.
"Nobody on Fer2  originate on Fer2" she said coldly.  Every plant, every  Seed, every Creature. All of us, you might describe as Parasites". She turned to face me and looked at me eye to eye, unblinkingly. 
 "Filigror has given me permission to tell you.  In earthly terms, Fer2 Is a virus."  She added carefully  " An intelligent Virus.  You, Me,  every plant and shrub are the source of this intelligence". She then repeated her message  "Filigror want a Child."
 The following morning I found myself looking at one of the paintings that had been gifted to me, It depicted a large lake with boats, the painting clearly depicted a large lake with boats, clearly Identified was a river leading to the lake and a small ship. The ship looked as if it was of wooden construction. It was quite reminiscent of a paddle steamer except it had no paddles, or a funnel. It did have several layers of cabins that wew circumferenced by some form of canvas covered decking and depicted people in various relaxed poses.
 The banks of the lake had an abundant variation of local Flora, ranging from what only be described as wispy trees to areas that better represented a dense foliated jungle



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