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             Pat  Davis      

  A collection of photos taken By Pat Davis during  AUS 2000 International Rally 4th -5th March 2000


                                      1927 Chev Tourer

Entry number 53 Driver Malcolm Dows Navigator Lyn Dows

The Chevy 'Bowtie' logo was first adopted  supposedly after  William Durant  saw a similar design  while staying in a hotel room in Paris,. I  do not know if anyone has ever published a  copy of the original  wallpaper design,  but as the story goes the design stuck in Durants mind.

By 1927, over one million Chevrolet cars were selling  in the United States making it, the clear market leader.

Early Chevrolets  are a restoration favorite,  plenty of these cars were made and this is always  a great starting point for  any Restoration.  Parts can usually  be found with a little effort,   An unbroken succession of  successors  to today  gives  this car  Instant recognition as  an early example of one of the great  car makes.  Driving  one of these models today  is great fun. (on a fine day).

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