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photos supplied by Max Parnell

   20                      1948 Jaguar Mk IV Drophead,
                       This car  - 'Just visiting'  this site from Ohio U.S.A. 
Drop head Red and Black with red leather interior. Whitewall tyres over chrome wire wheels. 3.5 litre in line 6 - Dual overhead cams - Twin SU Sidedraft carbs - Manual Transmission.  Restored when purchased from a dealer in Texas.

Jaguar Mk IV 3.5 Litre

Production: 1937-1948
Body style: Saloon

                                   Drophead coupĂ© Engine: 3485 cc Straight-6

Before World War 2  'Jaguar' was merely the model name given to the complete range of cars built by SS Cars Ltd. So there was no Jaguar Mk IV 3.5 Litre - It was only when  SS cars became Jaguar Cars Ltd. And named the  Jaguar Mark V -  that there arose rose the opportunity to  retrospectively give the Mark IV its current designation

Extremely popular amongst classic car enthusiast as an excellent example of  an Extremely British  design, - Huge Headlights  mounted between the front wheel guards amidst  large classic Chrome

Ahead of a  of a long bonnet.  With the unmistakable jaguar mounted  top front.

                                                         Production Figures

              1935-1948               7230      units    --   2664 cc  Straight-6

              1935-1949             13,046     units    --  1 608 cc  or 1776 cc Straight-4

              1937-1948               5424      units    --   3485 cc  Straight-6




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