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photos supplied by Max Parnell

   2                     Jaguar 3.8 Litre S Type Jaguar
                                           Owned By Max Parnell

The S type Jaguar was built from 1963 until 1968 and this is one with highly desirable specifications .   

The 3.8 L twin overhead cam, six cylinder engine produces 220 bhp and is the same basic engines as used in the famous racing D type

This car has four speed full synchromesh gearbox built by Jaguar with an electronic overdrive.  Four wheel Dunlop power disk brakes, inboard at the rear were standard as is the front wheel independent suspension and limited slip diff, all borrowed from the E type.  The car has wire wheels and of course a wood and leather interior.  The car, purchased from a sheep property near longreach was restored over eight years ago. It was sold new in Malaysia and was brought to QLD in 1977 by an airman at the Australian Airforce Base




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