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1914 Dennis N type pump fire engine 

photo Below 

   1921 Dennis N type 

 pump/escape fire engine  

The Historical Commercial Vehicle Society 40th Annual London to Brighton Run. Official program says

'G129 DU 179 - 1914 Dennis N type pump This Vehicle was new to the City of Coventry Brigade and was their first motorised Appliance , Whilst with them it saw 22 years service it was sold to GEC's Stoke works , where it saw another 22 years duty . Before being re-acquired by its makers for 35 pounds in 1958. The Vehicle is completely original apart from the pneumatic tyres. Which were a Dennis conversion in 1936.. Entered by G.N. Grenside of  Godalming, surrey'

'G131   FA 1075 1921 Dennis N type pump/escape fire engine.  

This    vehicle was supplied to the Bass Ratcliffe and Gretton brewery at Burton on Trent and remained in service there for 45 years. The Brewery firemen  workers from within the brewery and were paid an additional shilling (5p)  for each call out, which could be up to a radius of ten miles from their station in order to assist the local fire brigade.  It is fitted with a 10 Litre  White & Pope 4 cylinder side Valve engine and a  3 stage Gwynne 900 gallon per minute pump. The wheeled escape ladder by Merryweather, extends to 50 feet                 

Entered by Dr B.A. Hutchinson of Ponteland. Northumberland


John Dennis had  Started a bicycle  building  business during  1895. Raymond his brother joined him in 1898.  They branched into making cars,  and it was not long before the two brothers had created the first Dennis Commercial vehicle  in 1903.

By 1904 the brothers had formed , Dennis Brother Limited.

The first  commercial vehicle featured the earliest  worm drive rear axle in Britain - with success in early commercial vehicle Dennis Bros concentrated their efforts on heavier vehicles  and  in 1908 were building  a  five ton  lorry with  worm drive.

Specialty applications  such as fire engines were to become dominated in England by the name Dennis, and by 1913 Dennis Bros  Settled into  well defined  Niche of commercial vehicles, and commercial applications.

The photos above taken by  SVVS  photographers  show the sort of engines that were the pride of the many fire brigades ..

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