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photos supplied by Max Parnell

   18               1962 Jaguar 3.8I E Type Coupe
                                Owned By John and Jan Nixon. Gladstone
The Jaguar 3.8I E type coupe was manufactured from 1961 to 1964.  This E type 3.8 engine under series I of Jaguar Car is the first E type that was first launched on 1961 of March.

The car has an open two seater and a fixed head coupe version. They are introduced in "Geneva car show" on the year 1961 of March. The Car copied the "triple-carburettor 3.8 liter XK engine" from the XK150. However, the aerodynamics engineer Malcolm Sayer, its sleek body made it capable of nearly 240 KmH or 150 MPH disk brakes all-round, and was fitted with Independent Rear Suspension to give it a road holding to match its performance.

This Type E 3.8I Jaguar Coupe has been called the most pure of all the E type model breed of Jaguar cars. It is sportier than the "Grand Tourer, compared to later Type E Jaguar car models. What makes 3.8I more special are its features like its reflective aluminum dashboard and its "ancient" Moss gearbox.

This is the only unit that was offered in the United States until 4.2 L engine was introduced, which was larger and after that was renamed as the Jaguar 420.




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