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             Pat  Davis      

Vintage and Classic Car enthusiast 



1930 Foden 

type HH box van 

The vehicle shown in the picture is a Foden manufactured wagon which was one of the better trucks and wagon manufacturers of ’90s. This picture was taken by the Two intrepid SVVS photographers During the London to Brighton veteran car rally held in 2001

This wagon is a C-type 5-ton overtype steam wagon. It was first manufactured in the 1930s. It was not a revolutionary, however, had upgrades, for example, a superior driving position and the choice of a windscreen. This type of van was mainly used to carry freight. 

                The Surrey 
Vintage Vehicle Society  



The design of this wagon is like a cross between traction engine and a lorry. The front of this van looked like a footing motor by having a taxi worked around a level five-cylinder heater with a round smokebox and a chimney. The back looked like a lorry in having a heap conveying body and being worked around a chassis. There were 5 Foden vehicle in the rally, and out of five this Foden offers all the pleasure and capacity of a full-size motor; however, with the accommodation of fitting in a standard vehicle carport. The wagon is economical on coal and water and extremely free steaming. In top gear, this vehicle easily goes to the speed of 20mph. The driver can comfortably operate the engine on his own. But to make it a more enjoyable experience, it’s good to have a companion who acts as a fireman.