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photos supplied by Max Parnell

   15                       Series 3 4.2 litre XJ6 Jaguar         
                                             Roy Booty    Yepoon

The Jaguar series 3 with 4.2 litre XJ6 engine is also called XJ6, Vanden Plas, and XJ12. The production was from 1979 to 1989. Jaguar Company produced over 132, 952 units. In 1979, Jaguar Company modified the XJ unit and was generally known as the Series 3 model.

The car have a long-wheelbase version that was designed by Pninfarina. The unit also have 3 engine variants, which were 4.2 litre straight 6, 5.3 litre with V12, and 3.4 litre straight 6.

The "short wheelbase" coupe and saloon had been dropped during the final years of the series 2 XJ engine. Moreover, the introduction of the series 3 model saw the option of having a sunroof feature on an XJ model Jaguar car.

The XJ series model was features on a television series "Minder", with Arthur Daley as one of the character who owns a primrose yellow Daimler Sovereign.

In 1987, the last series 3 XJ with 6-cylinder engine was launched. The production of this type of model was produced until 1992 with an engine of V12. There were 132, 952 series 3 model Jaguar cars produced and 10,500 cars were built with an engine of V1.




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