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  A collection of photos taken By Pat Davis during  AUS 2000 International Rally 4th -5th March 2000


                                 AUSTIN SEVEN
                    Driver Cam McCulloch Navigator Judy McCulloch

Austin sevens were great competition vehicles and Austin

supported many factory sponsored specials for many events. The results were great and would seem to be well out of proportion for a little car that in its basic form was comfortable at not a lot more than 35 miles per hour. But the enthusiasm to race these little cars to the limit was huge. Austin Sevens were fun and affordable,

With the host of sporting victories and records it was not hard for owners to associate with the sevens success and little Austins were regularly seen hurtling along narrow and slippery country roads with reckless abandon with drivers at the wheel with hat and goggles in racing mode. At speeds in excess of 30 miles an hour..

Country police were mostly limited to pedal power and there are many stories that can be heard by Older folk . The time an Austin Seven came hurtling out of the blue when a Farmer was moving his cattle or sheep from one location to another , when the road was covered in wet leaves and manure and the driver had lost

control as he saw the animals a bit late as the seven was coming around the corner at 'breakneck 'speeds,

Enthusiast still race these Austin Sevens cars today !

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