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photos supplied by Max Parnell

   13                              1987 Jaguar XJ 40 Saloon
                         Owned by Steve and Pam Rigby. Gladstone.

Jaguar XJ40 was produced between 1986 and 1989. From 1970s Jaguar have been developing project XJ40. This has been the new model that was intended to replace the "original XJ6" also known as the Series 3 today. The project was continuously delayed because of the fuel crisis and the problem in the British Leyland. It was decided eventually that an internal design should be carried through to be produced.

In 1986 of October, the car was finally released with its controversial square headlamps on all. This was the lingering feature from the year 70s development. It was more known as a evolutionary than revolutionary and have to fight a new competitor, which was BMW series 7 or E32. It was newly enlarged by that time.

The XJ 40 saloon model is a Mark II series of Jaguar car, which have engines that ranges from 2.9 L to 6.0 L




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