The   Diary        


  A collection of photos taken By Pat Davis during  AUS 2000 International Rally 4th -5th March 2000


           1929 Austin Seven Chummy
                         Entry number 14 Greg and Christine Steven's

photos below

Greg and Christine had multiple entries in this rallly

Below     1938 Austin Big Seven (fitted with Milano Fiberglass body)

  center  1935 Austin seven sports

 Right  - 1927 Indian

he Austin seven proved to be extremely popular in Europe, Its diminutive size was not considered a disadvantage, it was affordable and 40 miles per gallon economy made it a car that was available to more and more owners. Different configurations were constantly being created. Doctors were using them to do home visits. It was not unusual to see a 'seven' parked in the middle of a country field while the local vet attended a farmers sick animals.

     It was a very light vehicle and with large wheels it was highly suited for negotiating even a ploughed field, it sailed through fords and river crossings and this talent did not go un-noticed.

     In 19321 a Supercharged seven set a class H record of of 102 miles per hour, and Austin sevens took first place in around over 200 hill climb, touring, and other races.

   America might later sneer at small vehicles. But this car made the baby car an acceptable format for Europe

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