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             Pat  Davis      

Vintage and Classic Car enthusiast 

  A collection of photos taken By Pat Davis during  AUS 2000 International Rally 4th -5th March 2000


                    1929 Austin Seven Sports
                    Entry Number 57 Owners Keith & Noela Collins

This Brilliant little baby car was first designed and built by Sir

Herbert Austin in 1922. It was probably a huge surprise that it proved so popular, but It would seem that the timing for this economical little jewel was perfect for England and the rest of Europe.

Early attempts to sell the car In the USA proved to be a little more difficult, in 1927 an attempt was made to introduce this British success. It was not until 1929 that any headway was made and at this time The American Austin Car Company was formed.

Having a proven British success on their hands did not prove to be a guarantee of winning over the market, Americans in general thought this was a funny little car that could be carried away by four men, It was a joke and Austin sevens ended up in peculiar places. An embarrassing experience was almost certain for any owner that attempted to use one in the city, The little Austin was totally unsuitable for US country or interstate motoring so A huge problem confronted the Newly formed, American Austin Car Company.  -

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