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             Pat  Davis      

Aromat The Farten Hound

the most incredible dog - Bedtime stories


Cowboys laughing at the suggestion that they will get bucked so high  they will need a parachute.


           The Chance

Wallaby thought that he never had a chance until Owl gave him the exact chance a young Wallaby could ever hope for.

Half  A Chance

following the leader does not get you anywhere. but the well trodden path can lead you home 

This story contains beautiful images from my good friend  

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perfect for children that love dogs

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includes   -  Aromat the Farten Hound   -  The Chance    -   Half a Chance


The Adventures of Aromat, a special breed of dog called a Farten Hound. Created for little boys that like rude things, secrets and words like poo and fart. Because for some little boys these words are the funniest thing in storyland and stories without them are simply not worth listening to.

70 pages

some reviews 

    (24 Pages)
Wallaby thought that he never had a chance until Owl gave him the exact chance a young Wallaby could ever hope for. Wallaby did not know or understood exactly what a chance even looked like, or even what a chance was. Wallaby only knew that his Mother had often told him that he never had one. Owl told Wallaby where to find his very own chance. On his journey, Wallaby discovered that Bilby also never had a chance. Then Wallaby finds that Big Sister does not give Platypus a chance. Best of all Wallaby finds the most beautiful chance ever.                          




(The Chicken Hunt)
                                                         (24 pages)
When two farm dogs go on an adventure, sometimes it does not matter if they know precisely what they are doing. If it walks like a duck, Quacks like a duck, it could be an Emu or even a Chicken. It might merely be food in the Dog bowl.   It is the hunt that matters.


The Chance 

Owl gave Wallaby the best  chance a young Wallaby could ever hope for.



                                BELOW  -   some images from AROMAT THE FARTEN HOUND--------------
from Aromat and the sausage factory

        From Introducing Aromat

From Aromat and the river rescue, 'The Sausage  thief

          from Aromat and the rodeo