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Note  -    I shall be updating the earlier entries in this record of events as time permits. This                                format  allows me to  go back and change previous entries as I  discover and                                        understand.
entry 1
Having been pronounced guilty, I was immediately removed  from the courtroom. I  was stripped naked and  bundled into what seemed to be little more than a large steel container.  I was bluntly informed that I would immediately begin my transport to the penal colony of 'Fer2'.   This process was performed extremely quickly and was quite evidently a well-rehearsed procedure.
I found myself In the company of around a dozen other naked prisoners, Men, Women, Teenagers. all herded into the container. All of us, to be banished from the world we knew.  I had little time to ponder where the other transportees had come from when
the sounds associated with the sealing of the doors went silent.  Mere seconds later everything  around me appeared to begin to dissolve slowly. My companion travellers also began slowly dissolve. I looked down at my lower limbs, feeling quite surprised to find myself physically fading away. No pain.
The Authorities had previously filled the transport container  with a quantity of information in form of leaflets and wall posters. My immediate thought was that this information was to be purely decorative. Because these items also dissolved silently and without protest. The transportation process had started.
  When we arrived at Fer2 were no longer in the container. We had arrived at what was a large reception area. I was reasonably sure that not all the contents of the transport device arrived intact. Although I had not taken the time to count my fellow deportees, I felt confident that there were less than the dozen that I had initially estimated. The other prisoners accompanying me were clearly in the same state of confused nakedness that I had found myself. None of us had any real chance to understand what was happening. However, I believe that we all have had a genuine awareness. The Transportation of the occupants to the penal colony, where we would serve our life sentences, had begun. My overriding feeling was that I had found myself involved in some form of a sick and scary joke. I was dissolving. I had never been dissolved before.
Other than an acute awareness that I had begun to serve my life sentence, or forever-banishment, everything seemed extremely vague. I could do little more than absorb one singular message.   'Opportunity'. 
 Opportunity, it seemed, was to be the central theme at the reception area on Fer2. All the planets occupants had been given this same opportunity. The entire atmosphere confirmed this message. There was a single handwritten document, or more accurately, a tapestry to promote this theme. It moved slightly with the movement of the stirred air of passing inmates. It hung prominently in the reception area, in a similar way that one might hang ta painting or a display rug. It was dated several hundred years earlier but looked remarkably fresh. It was titled 'MESSAGE'.
This short cryptic notice supposedly contained everything a new arrival was required or needed to know. However, I did observe different reactions from those who stopped to read. Or from those that simply glanced at the notice. One man cried, another laughed. Yet the message I read contained no Joke, no sad forebodings. I read a simple welcome statement. A request to enjoy my new status, my new freedom. 
Peculiarly I was aware of a strong feeling that is a little difficult to describe. Not unlike when as a child, your mother tells you to do something and at the same time secretly waves her arms to tell you, what she is saying  should be ignored. I securely felt that another being  was holding my hand and whispering directly into my mind, "I have you safe, relax." 
 The Penal planet known as Fer2 was the larger planet that circled a distant Sun named Nust. The planet had been discovered well over 200 years previously. At the time, Fer2 was considered one of the remarkable discovery events in planet Earth's history. The newly discovered planet was instantly recognised as a rather beautiful planet. It apparently lacked nothing. It had water and abundant quantities of almost every known mineral that included many that still remained unknown. Unfortunately, the planet also contained vast amounts of a previously unknown substance named Filigror. Filigror turned out to be singularly unique. A mineralised life form. Filigror proved to be highly toxic to anything and everything that was not a native plant or life form of Fer2.
Later it was discovered that this toxicity could be totally neutralised in living creatures without great difficulty. Simply by consuming regular quantities of a local green shrub that grew abundantly on all parts of the planet. Appropriately named Filigreen.
The Government of the day had installed a climatization chamber utilising a Cosmic loop (the loop was literally a one-way connection to a wormhole). This loop was enabled to populate the planet fer2 after understanding that all minerals and plant life on the planet, fer2 was naturally permanently permeated with traces of Filigror. Despite many years of study and resources being targeted at understanding Filigror, there became a general acceptance that this contamination could never be eradicated. Any attempt to import any mineral, plant or animal life to any location would have devastating effects upon arrival at any place that was not Fer2. Filigror was virus-like. A powerful contaminant. Anything animal vegetable or mineral exposed required nuclear weapon-grade destruction.
 Fer2 and Filigror appeared to be aware of this contamination. This contaminant,  seemingly acted like a child who had discovered "HOT" and was reluctant to reach out as much as a finger to touch the Earth Planet.
 The one-way feature of the planets wealth was a massive disappointment to the Government of the day as it became evident that Fer-2s wealth could never be mined for export.
It was in many ways quite fortunate that Fur-2 was a vast distance from any other known habitable planet. There was little or no chance that any plant or mineral containing Filigror on the planet  could ever be transmitted to another planet accidentally. This, compounded by the basic fact that only known way to travel to or from Fer-2 was through the cosmic loop. Better described as a one-way wormhole.
The individual characteristics of the cosmic loop on Fur-2 became well established. The only thing that could ever be returned from Fer-2 was via the 'beam' This was basically no more than a bounce back effect for anything that used the cosmic loop. The bounce back effect was the primary reason for the name Cosmic loop. Anything and everything that arrived via a cosmic loop were recorded by way of a 'return beam. The returning beam completed the circle. This beam was, in practice, no more than a natural trace record that could be enabled to configured and deliver a simple retrieval message and thereby complete the loop.
Contamination by Filigror had totally disabled the return loop for anything other than elementary messages. This excluded anything that's never been alive, mineral, animal or vegetable. Microscopic entities, bacteria, viruses.

The loop Merely provided that a record of delivery was returned to its sender. This was possible by allowing this record to take the return path untouched before Filigror could contaminate it. Providing the message was, in all practical terms, too small for Filigror to infect. And contained no natural substance. The loop was completed, and incoming deliveries were accepted.
Filigror could not arrive at any destination other than its own natural home without demonstrating its devastating incompatibility to almost everything.
Basically, the only safe way for Filigror to touch the Earth was to simply shine its light on the planet.
 Most things could be delivered to Fer-2, but in general terms, the only practical incoming deliveries were in the form of plans, diagrams, medical information, or people. There was little need to deliver machinery of any kind as the planet's population was quite capable of building anything Fer-2 required.
Knowledge and skills were basically transported in the convicts that arrived at the planet via the cosmic loop. It had been well established that this cosmic loop could only ever operate in a single direction, and this direction was totally irreversible. The fundamental physics of a cosmic loop required an incoming loop to be totally dismantled before another loop could be enabled as more than one cosmic loop at a singular location were totally incompatible. It also became apparent that the physical properties of this loop had absorbed Filigror and that the planet itself had infiltrated the loop. The hitch itself had evolved the ability to refuse any particular consignment at will. The loop was used as a people dump by the home planet, and Fer-2 either accepted or rejected delivery.
Earlier attempts to dismantle the cosmic loop on Fer-2 had all failed dismally. However, it was possible to transport material or people from Fer-2 via traditional physical transport method. Still, no mathematician or scientist had even the remotest idea how such a vast distance could ever be negotiated. Or utilised to deliver anything. Other than a mild digitally potential load in less than many multiples of a lifetime. The existence of the loop removed any incentive to discover any alternative.
The gradual understanding that Filigror acted similarly to what could be described as a primitive life form or even an intelligent or Sentient being had long been accepted. Filigror had proved to be a complete and total puzzle. It could cause the complete destruction of living cells seemingly at will. Yet, it was widely believed to have no intention of its own and that Filigror merely acted in a similar way that a magnet might bear upon a metal fragment. Simply pushing the object away if it thing presents itself as incompatible.

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